Organic Blue Tea

ORGANIC BLUE TEA (Karas-Lavandula Stoechas L.)

Method of preparation : In order to prepare the organic blue tea, is recommended to use cups of 100-130 ml. Rinse the cup with cold water, place the plant into the cup and pour hot water over it. Let a few minutes to infuse, than it is ready to drink after 2-3 minutes.

Amounts recommended for daily use: The recommended amount of consumption for tea brand "Bio-Life" is 2-3 cups per day. Not recommended to be consumed with lemon.

Recommended age group: It can be consumed by all age groups due to its organic nature.

Ingredients : Lavander flower. Store in a cool, dry place.


  • It is highly beneficial in combating rheumatism, fatigue, blood circulation problems, high blood pressure, headaches, internal disorders as well as  insomnia. It is a good expectorant and strengthens nerves and heart. It is a good analgesic and it is effective against sinusitis, urinary tract infections, brain tumors, lung and  blood cancer.
  • Because the content is 1,80 Cineole, it is a substance with antibacterial features, allergy, pain medication, infection prevention (ANTIRHIRITIS), the decrease in blood (HYPOTENSIVE).
  • In general, it contains an active substance which has over 20 antibacterial characteristics. In particular, because of its CARYOPHYLLENE and STAPHT LOLOC content it has powerful features to delay or stop the progression of brain tumors, blood or lung cancer.
  • Geraniol substance that contains properties for removal of tumors and cancer protection.
  • It is helpful to quit smoking.